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Unique Addiction


Safe Haven Beverly Hills offers evidence-based therapies that combine traditional & holistic avenues to promote long-term recovery.

Recovery from addiction is not a cookie-cutter process. It’s just not the same for everyone and doing it that way would truly be a disservice to those we’re seeking to help through trying times. Just as each patient is an individual with unique circumstances and lived experiences, each treatment regimen we craft is personally catered. We employ a diverse array of recovery therapies to guide residents on the journey to sobriety. The one constant though is our commitment to the cause and dedication to healing.
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Unique Therapies at Our Beverly Hills Treatment Center

Our recovery therapies are medically sound, evidence-based and designed to meet specific recovery goals. By blending different therapeutic approaches into one cohesive, integrated program, we can help participants realize their own potential and discover the confidence that comes with freedom from chemical dependence.

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Our Unique Addiction Therapies

Safe Haven Recovery is proud to offer a variety of therapies that promote and encourage a life of recovery for those addicted to drugs & alcohol. Our unique combination of traditional, holistic, and modern, evidence-based therapies allow each client a truly personalized treatment experience. Some of the therapies we utilize include:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Negative thoughts happen, it’s part of life, but how we deal with and react to them is key for our long term well being. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an evidence-based, therapeutic treatment that helps patients to recognize the negative thoughts and thought patterns that occur when they are faced with challenging, stressful situations. Without confronting these destructive patterns, people stay in a vicious cycle of negativity which dims the light and chance of a lasting recovery.

Our clinical counselors guide residents through recognition of negative thoughts, the development of new habits and hope for a new outlook on life. The goal is to help develop positive self-esteem and reduce negative thinking which also works to improve and mend relationships. At the end of their treatment, patients will independently avoid destructive behaviors, manage their negative thoughts and build new self-confidence.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is a type of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which is also about confronting negativity and changing those thought patterns. The difference between the two is while CBT focuses on change DBT emphasizes acceptance and change, which is where the word “dialectical” comes into play. This therapy is more well suited for those patients who struggle with co-occurring disorders or long-term substance abuse issues. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is one of the most effective treatments available in that regard.

Also backed by evidence and a proven psychological therapy, our clinical counselors guide residents through recognition of negative thoughts, attacking the roots of addictive behavior and establishing new patterns of purpose, confidence and peace.

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Family Therapy & Programming

Isolation from friends and family is often one of the most devastating impacts of a drug or alcohol addiction. Our family and significant other therapy sessions bring loved ones together to mend broken relationships, build healthy interactions and discover a new future together. Research has repeatedly shown that support from family and friends can reduce relapse rates and lead to a healthier recovery process which is why we make sure to include those close to you to provide that critical support during the recovery process.

We understand that broken relationships and the abject loneliness that goes with that come with the territory of substance abuse. Our counselors aim to intervene in every aspect of this difficult situation, deconstructing the barriers between people and encouraging each participant to rebuild the connections that bring hope and meaning to their lives.

Group Therapy

Detox programs and individual sessions are crucial elements of recovery, but nothing can replace the sense of community that comes with being with people who share the same experiences. Recovery creates that powerful bond and tackling diverse and challenging subjects together helps rebuild trust in interpersonal relationships, a crucial aspect of staying sober.

Group therapy is another tool in the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy box and helps participants learn strategies for recovery in a supportive, integrated setting. By acknowledging and celebrating each other during their successes and encouraging each other during the difficult times, participants stay on the track to recovery while learning how to have productive discussions about sensitive topics.

In our sessions, we cover everything from relapse prevention and healthy living to the signs and symptoms of addiction to the stages of recovery. Patients learn to set boundaries and develop self-esteem while becoming more aware of their own emotional needs and their responsibilities to others.

Just like no recovery one-size-fits-all, we employ a wide variety of group therapies; morning reflection, small group discussions, shared educational opportunities, processing groups and activities. All conducted with a caring and licensed therapist.

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Contact Safe Haven Beverly Hills if you or a loved one is in need of help with a drug or alcohol problem.

Therapies That Help Overcome Addiction

Yoga Therapy

We preach the value of taking a holistic approach to treatment and recovery and while that’s clear in the mental aspects of our programs, we also are sure to take care of the body as well. A successful long-term treatment plan should address both the mind and the body after all and how better to integrate these two disciplines than through the practice of yoga? By teaching our residents to value their bodies and nurture their minds, yoga therapy sets a firm foundation for lasting recovery.

Of course, yoga itself can’t bring about healing from addiction but its practice can cultivate the mindfulness and awareness that make recovery easier and complements the broader process and program we put in place. By learning to be in the moment, yoga supports and enriches the other aspects of treatment. Patients who practice yoga regularly have an optimistic view of their own worth, which leads to heightened self-confidence and a healthier outlook on relationships.

Our yoga therapy sessions allow patients to regulate their bodies, focus their thoughts and orient themselves toward recovery. Trained instructors guide students through breathing exercises and meditation exercises to help them relax more fully, think more clearly, heal more fully and stay motivated.

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Ultimately success in recovery and rehabilitation programs rely on a combination of addiction treatment therapies that treat both the body and mind. The importance of this approach in substance abuse therapy can’t be understated. Our team of clinicians and counselors gets to know each resident personally, developing a thorough understanding of their situation, before we put together a treatment plan that suits their needs and struggles. With our integrated, comprehensive approach, you’ll never be on your own.