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Residential Inpatient


Safe Haven Beverly Hills offers you with individualized treatment with world-class amenities.

Since addiction and substance abuse can consume your entire life, sometimes it’s best to remove yourself completely from society in order to focus on recovery. If you’re struggling with addiction, you probably have at least one personal relationship strained from your drug use. It’s also not uncommon for addicts to lose employment or spend all their money on drugs and alcohol. If life is starting to feel a little bit unmanageable due to your addiction, a residential inpatient treatment program may be the best solution. From the moment that clients arrive at our facility, they have access to world-class medical treatment and compassionate care. Safe Haven Beverly Hills boasts a luxurious residential treatment facility, a range of evidence-based therapeutic programs, and a caring staff that is dedicated to enriching each patient’s life and enhancing their long-term recovery from substance abuse.

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Residential Inpatient
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Residential Inpatient
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How Residential Inpatient Works

As the name suggests, we would be welcoming you or your loved one into our luxury rehab facility in Beverly Hills, a safe place free from any of the triggers and pressures to use that you may encounter in your daily life. As compared to outpatient treatment, where patients can come and go on a loose schedule, inpatient programs necessitate living in. This is a considerable difference and a large change in an individual’s life. Not a decision to be taken lightly and one we can absolutely guide you through and advise you on.

The length of stay is determined by our medical professionals and unique to each person, but the average stay is generally 30 days. While with us, we encourage participation in our vast array of activities and therapeutic programs in addition to the one-on-one sessions with counselors that are the backbone of what we do.

Given that, residential inpatient treatment is the most rigorous and intensive option available for recovery from serious addiction and involves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access to support and care from our staff and medical team.

It’s only after detox, with your body now fully free of substances, that this part of recovery, healing and revitalization can begin in earnest.

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The Benefits of Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment in Beverly Hills, CA

There are many benefits to this type of treatment, but the most important is that inpatient programs have a starkly higher rate of success than outpatient. Trying to recover on your own after detoxing from a powerful addiction, without professional guidance, can often lead to relapse. This makes the next time around all the more difficult because trust in the process has been shattered.
With inpatient treatment, the chances of relapse are mitigated and diminished greatly by the availability of around the clock support. This seems obvious but bears mentioning, you will have no access to drugs or alcohol in our facility so in the very moment you are tempted or triggered to use we can walk you back from those feelings and work with you to redirect that energy.

The supportive and comfortable environment, free from distractions and disruptions allows you to focus all your attention on recovery. A life free from tension and arguments. Relief from work stress. This all speaks to the psychological and emotional benefits you receive from a treatment that puts your goals at the center of attention and squarely in the caring hands of trained counselors.

Another positive is the potential to start creating a new network of sober-minded individuals. In many ways, who you surround yourself with helps define who you are and if you can build a friendship circle of those working towards sustained sobriety that will come to be a stronger part of what defines you. Safe Haven is a place that can facilitate those healthy relationships.

An inpatient program also creates structure and balance in what may have been a life that felt freeform and directionless. A focused mission and a vital change for moving forward after your inpatient journey with us is complete.

We Work with Most Major Insurance.


Your health insurance can help cover the costs associated with substance abuse treatment.

The Benefits of a Drug & Alcohol Detox Program in Beverly Hills

Where better to start that recovery journey though than lush, beautiful Beverly Hills? Our luxurious residential inpatient facilities were designed to provide the most comfortable, refreshing environment possible for recovery. We offer:

By taking advantage of these amenities and comforts, our residents can let go of the worries and frustrations of everyday life and focus completely on the healing process. Privacy and security are crucial to recovery, that’s why we have made both important elements of our program at Safe Haven Beverly Hills.

Many people who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction have spent many years in and out of outpatient therapies, emergency rooms, and even other residential treatment programs. Since those facilities and programs do not treat the whole person or sensitively address the root causes of addictive behavior, their solutions do not break the cycle of addiction or create healthy habits for the long term.

Your Journey of Lasting Recovery Begins Today.

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Our Drug & Alcohol Detox Program in Beverly Hills, CA

At Safe Haven Beverly Hills, we work to help each patient discover new confidence, respect their recovery progress and regain a sense of purpose. The cornerstone of our residential treatment program is evidence-based, individualized sessions with counselors. We craft a personalized treatment plan for each resident which addresses their unique medical history, emotional needs and physical condition. However, we also augment this approach with several other enrichment activities and therapeutic programs. Here are just some of the therapeutic programs available at Safe Haven Beverly Hills:

Therapists use this to address the negative emotional and mental habits that typically lead to negative behavior and develop new thought patterns.

This helps patients know when to manage their problems independently and when to seek help from others.
Addiction impacts the whole family, all participants articulate how addiction has affected their lives and to set healthy personal boundaries and expectations for the future.
Yoga helps patients quiet their minds, channel their thoughts productively and explore their body’s potential, creating a firm foundation for recovery.
This builds camaraderie and fellowship between residents and provides a secure environment to honestly share their thoughts and feelings. Having a community of those with the same shared experience is huge for moving forward with a successful recovery.

Since our trained counseling and medical staff are available round-the-clock, our patients will never face their struggles alone. Taken together, these therapies combine to build a supportive residential treatment program that stays with patients long after they return home. Research shows that patients who participate in this kind of well-rounded, holistic treatment experience lower relapse rates and enter recovery more successfully. Our residents learn healthy coping strategies, develop a robust emotional support system and approach the rest of their lives with confidence.

Experience Lasting Recovery at Our Luxury Inpatient Rehab in Beverly Hills, CA

From time to time, peace of mind is something that eludes all of us in varying degrees but these feelings and those of helplessness and hopelessness are often exacerbated on a deeper level for those suffering from addiction. The journey of healing, particularly from serious substance addiction, is one that can seem insurmountable to an individual. It’s certainly beyond painful for those watching their loved one fall into the abyss of abuse with little they can do to help.
A residential inpatient treatment program can be just the solution you need to end the cycle of addiction. An end to the aforementioned merry go round of options.
Our team of experts, with years of accumulated experience, are committed to guiding you through this process in a caring, compassionate and dignified way through a program that equips you with the tools you need to lead a substance-free life. All in a sumptuous, quiet and luxurious Beverly Hills environment with the best amenities and services at your disposal.