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Quitting drugs & alcohol can be an overwhelming process. Here at Safe Haven, we offer world-class drug & alcohol detox.

Are you struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, but anxious about taking the first step toward recovery? The thought of attempting detox is one of the things that drives people away from recovery programs. Many people immediately think of physically and mentally exhausting withdrawal symptoms, heavy medication regimens, or isolation from their friends and families. It’s no wonder that most people approach detox programs with anxiety and fear.

But without a comprehensive, medically supervised detox, it is nearly impossible to fully recover from an addiction. At Safe Haven Beverly Hills, our detox program is the first step to a sustainable, long-lasting recovery. We help our clients manage their symptoms, prevent medical emergencies, and gain a new perspective on their future. Our personalized, evidence-based detox program can start your recovery on the right track and put you on the road to a brighter future.

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The Detoxification Process

Detox is a vital step in treating addiction and in some ways, it’s the most arduous hurdle to clear as it certainly takes the most visible physical and mental toll on the body and mind. That said, a medically supervised detox is the safest route because we’re able to manage the symptoms in ways not feasible without expert knowledge.

While it is possible to detox at home or on your own, there are significant, and potentially life-threatening, health risks that accompany going that route. Trying to manage withdrawal symptoms by yourself can lead to frustrating failures or even a dangerous relapse. Withdrawal is inevitable but the severity can be mitigated with the aid of medical professionals.
The ultimate goal of our Beverly Hills detoxification program is to provide intensive support, in a safe space, to free you from the shackles of dependence on any given substance. Castaway the lines and leave you free to steer toward the calmer seas of sobriety so to speak.

Detox by itself is not enough though, and moving forward with recovery happens only after detox.

Recovery is Waiting...

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The Benefits of a Drug & Alcohol Detox Program in Beverly Hills

As mentioned above, detox is very much the first major step in the treatment of addiction and your recovery goals, which in and of itself serves as a major benefit. A big step taken which leads to a general increase in self-confidence.

It starts to become a snowball effect as you continue to follow the path. With increased confidence comes increased motivation to push things forward in your personal recovery.

With increased motivation comes more energy and you’ll start to feel better and healthier.

Your whole demeanor changes after a hard-fought series of wins like that which leads to being able to build stronger, more meaningful connections and relationships from the right place, free of the crutch of substances.

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Your health insurance can help cover the costs associated with substance abuse treatment.

What to Expect When You Enter Detox

The positives don’t come easy though and we won’t sugarcoat the fact that a drug & alcohol detox program is not a walk in the park. No one wants to go through withdrawal, but it is absolutely necessary to break the mental habits and physical effects of addiction.

In our detox program in Beverly Hills, initially you can expect to experience some anxiety and nervousness, that’s ok and absolutely normal. There will be a lot of questions in order to create the right program for you. We’ll check to make sure you aren’t bringing any substances into our facility and there will be some moments that feel intrusive. The discomfort at this stage is very expected.

From there comes the start of the actual withdrawal and drug & alcohol detox process and this is where the physical discomfort comes into play. Rest assured that your whole program is under the close supervision and guiding hand of our team.

Addiction Can Happen to Anyone.

Find your path to lasting recovery at Safe Haven Recovery in Beverly Hills, California. 

Our Drug & Alcohol Detox Program in Beverly Hills, CA

Just as every person is unique, our detox process is adjusted and customized to suit each client’s individual needs. We take into account the full spectrum of previous experience when putting together a detox plan. From the basics such as, what drugs were being taken and when the last dose was used to specifics like, length of addiction and any past attempts at detoxing. We conduct a thorough physical exam and evaluation to investigate your medical history and determine which treatment plans will best suit your needs.

Once the program is in place, we provide round-the-clock monitoring from medical and psychiatric care providers who specialize in treating drug & alcohol addiction, as well as co-ocurring mental illnesses.

It’s important to note that this is a living process and if we notice anything that suggests a bump or detour from the progress we’ve mapped out, we make the appropriate changes as quickly as possible. Simple as that. Ultimately this is a continuously adjustable, individualized treatment regimen. You’ll receive support from our team of caring, compassionate professionals during every stage of the detox program.

Our comfortable facility is secluded for privacy yet close to major medical facilities, and our caring staff is dedicated to your safety and comfort. You can relax knowing that you have all the tools and support you’ll need to start down your path to recovery.

Begin Healing at Our Beverly Hills Luxury Detox Program

Medical detox at Safe Haven Beverly Hills provides the best path to sobriety. With the right tools, treatments, and staff, your detox can be more comfortable and successful than going through it alone. Our luxury inpatient detox offers high-quality service with upscale amenities. Our clients consistently achieve high completion rates and we take pride in our ability to make them safe and comfortable during the entire detox process. If you’re ready to take the first step in recovery, our detox center in Beverly Hills is here to help.