Yoga Therapy

A successful long-term treatment plan should address both the mind and the body. How better to integrate these two disciplines than through the practice of yoga? A relatively new addition to the suite of addiction treatments available today, yoga therapy provides a natural, holistic approach to recovery. By teaching our residents to value their bodies and nurture their minds, yoga therapy sets a firm foundation for lasting recovery. Read on to learn more about how we use yoga therapy at Safe Haven Beverly Hills.

What Is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy uses modern yoga practices like deep breathing, physical movement, and meditation to focus the mind and relax the body. In recent years, doctors and psychiatrists alike have discovered yoga’s unique potential as a therapeutic approach. While yoga itself cannot bring about healing from addiction, its practice can cultivate the mindfulness and awareness that make recovery easier. It is used as a “complementary” approach, supporting and enriching other treatment plans.

How Yoga Therapy Helps With Recovery

Yoga therapy’s physical benefits help the body cope with the stresses and symptoms of withdrawal. Participants often find that they are:

Stronger and more flexible

Less prone to anxiety and depression

Able to maintain healthy diets and sleep schedules

More physically energetic and mentally alert

Less susceptible to aches and pains

Yoga therapy helps our residents relax more fully, think more clearly, and heal more completely. It has also been shown to produce more optimistic viewpoints by cultivating a healthy sense of self-confidence and an optimistic attitude toward relationships.

That’s why we have made it a core element of the Safe Haven Beverly Hills treatment plan.

Studies have shown that yoga therapy boasts a number of positive mental and emotional impacts as well. Patients who practice yoga on a regular basis have an optimistic view of their own worth, which leads to heightened self-confidence and a healthier outlook on relationships.

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