Treatment Program

Has drug or alcohol addiction taken over your life? Are you worried that a loved one’s addiction is damaging their relationships or outlook on the future? A residential treatment program may be the best solution. From the moment that patients arrive at our facilities, they have access to world-class medical treatment and compassionate care. Safe Haven Beverly Hills boasts a comfortable residential treatment facility, a range of evidence-based therapeutic programs, and a caring staff that is dedicated to enriching each patient’s life and enhancing their recovery.

Our Residential Treatment Facilities

Where better to start the recovery journey than lush, beautiful Beverly Hills? Our luxurious facilities were designed to provide the most comfortable, refreshing environment possible for recovery. We offer:

A beautiful, homelike facility that promotes relaxation and healing

Private rooms to encourage reflection and community lounge areas to encourage meaningful fellowship

Peaceful and rejuvenating natural surroundings

Physical wellness promotion through yoga, exercise, and nutritious meals

By taking advantage of these amenities and comforts, our residents can let go of the worries and frustrations of everyday life and focus completely on the healing process. Privacy and security are crucial to recovery. That’s why we have made both important elements of our program at Safe Haven Beverly Hills.

Many people who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction have spent many years in and out of outpatient therapies, emergency rooms, and even other residential treatment programs. Since those facilities and programs do not treat the whole person or sensitively address the root causes of addictive behavior, their solutions do not break the cycle of addiction or create healthy habits for the long term.

Our Therapies

At Safe Haven Beverly Hills, we work to help each patient discover new confidence, respect their recovery progress, and regain a sense of purpose. The cornerstone of our residential treatment program is evidence-based, individualized sessions with counsellors. We craft a personalized treatment plan for each resident, which addresses their unique medical history, emotional needs, and physical condition.

However, we also augment this approach with a number of other enrichment activities and therapeutic programs. Here are just some of the therapeutic programs available at Safe Haven Beverly Hills:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

which therapists use to address the negative emotional and mental habits that typically

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

which helps patients know when to manage their problems independently and when to seek help

Family Therapy

which helps all participants articulate how addiction has affected their lives and to set healthy personal boundaries and expectations

Yoga Therapy

which helps patients quiet their minds, channel their thoughts productively, and explore their body’s potential

Group Therapy

which builds camaraderie and fellowship between residents and provides a secure environment to honestly share their thoughts and feelings

Since our trained counselling and medical staff is available round-the-clock, our patients will never face their struggles alone. Taken together, these therapies combine to build a supportive residential treatment program that stays with patients long after they return home. Research shows that patients who participate in this kind of well-rounded, holistic treatment experience lower relapse rates and enter recovery more successfully. Our residents learn healthy coping strategies, develop a robust emotional support system, and approach the rest of their lives with confidence.

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By using a well-rounded and holistic therapeutic program, our team helps patients discover their unique potential, build healthy coping habits, and confront the difficult issues that have kept them from full recovery in the past. If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, don’t be afraid to seek help. For more information on the comprehensive residential treatment program at Safe Haven Beverly Hills, contact our trained counsellors today.