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Recovery from an alcohol or drug addiction is a long and difficult journey, but it isn’t one you need to travel on your own. At Safe Haven Beverly Hills, we provide medically-sound detox programs, therapeutic sessions, and a supportive environment that cultivates fullness and health. Almost every successful recovery program includes at least two phases: a detox process and a residential treatment program.

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Recovery Program at Safe Haven Beverly Hills

At Safe Haven Beverly Hills, we embrace this two-fold approach to addiction recovery. Our patients receive not only a thorough, medically-based detox to put them on the right path, but also a range of residential treatments and therapies to support them through their journey.

Detox Program

Our detox program is based on the latest addiction research and operated by a highly trained medical staff. We address every aspect of the patient’s well-being, from reducing the symptoms of withdrawal to introducing healthier physical and emotional habitsl. The Safe Haven approach involves personalized care, round-the-clock medical supervision. Learn more about our Detox program.

Residential Treatment Program

After completing the detox program, every Safe Haven patient is welcomed into our rich, comprehensive residential treatment program. From evidence-based treatments and individualized therapy sessions to group activities, our entire program is structured around helping patients move past the damaging events of the past and discover their own bright future. A lush natural landscape and homelike accommodations keep patients comfortable, while our caring staff ensures their safety and health. Read more about our Residential Treatment Program.

Addiction recovery is an extended, difficult process that no one should attempt on their own. Detox can be extremely tough on the body, while the long process of rehabilitation can put your self-confidence and personal relationships under serious stress. That’s why it’s so important to seek out professional support and a qualified recovery program.

A supervised medical detox gives patients the freedom to discover life beyond their drug or alcohol dependency, while residential treatments establish healthy habits to last a lifetime. Research shows that patients who have participated in both, experience lower relapse rates, recover more quickly, and form more sustainable living patterns.

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Our Recovery Program

Not every patient is the same, and we don’t believe that every treatment program should be either. Some people find that a detox gives them the strength to conquer their addiction, while others need long-term support to address deeper issues. Some people thrive in one-on-one discussion therapies, while others need to keep their minds and hands busy in order to find healing.

That’s why Safe Haven Beverly Hills offers a distinctively holistic recovery program, designed to treat both the mind and the body. We give patients the education, medical treatments, and coping strategies to help them get their life back as soon as possible. Our trained team can put together programs and treatments suited to your needs, and will always actively involve you in the recovery process.

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Our detox program will enable you to embark on the recovery journey with a clear mind, increased energy levels, and better health, all of which can improve your chances of future health and success. That’s why Safe Haven Beverly Hills has made the detox program a crucial part of our recovery process. Let us put you on the road to a brighter future. To learn more, please get in contact with one of our trained counsellors.