Recovery Facility

Comfort and Luxury assist in your recovery at Safe Haven Beverly Hills, our state of the art addiction and recovery center in one of the most beautiful cities in California.

Our facility is quite literally a luxury mansion adapted for the special needs of important people in recovery. Inside, we have made space for just six guests at a time so that we can care for each resident on a personal and intimate level. We have spacious lounge and recreational areas both inside and out. High Definition televisions in every bedroom, a pool table, game table as well as a comfortable setting to just sit and talk.

Our numerous comfortable seating areas create warm, inviting environments for personal or group therapies. Our gourmet kitchen is staffed by chefs who can satisfy any palate or food restrictions and our two dining rooms create a pleasant environment for any meal.

Outside, we have a luxurious pool, patio and shady palm trees that can make it seem like you are on the Mediterranean coast as easily as Beverly Hills. And inside we have a staff trained to use this wonderful facility as effectively as possible to help you in your recovery.

Contact us today and talk with one of our counselors. Then visit Safe Haven Beverly Hills to see how comfortable your recovery can be.