Group Therapy

Detox programs and individual sessions are crucial elements of recovery, but nothing can replace community with people who share the same experiences. At Safe Haven Beverly Hills, recovery always happens together. In our group therapy sessions, we tackle topics as diverse as maintaining physical health, developing healthy coping strategies, and rebuilding interpersonal relationships. By acknowledging and celebrating each other during their successes and encouraging each other during the difficult times, participants stay on the track to recovery while learning how to have productive discussions about sensitive topics.

What Is Group Therapy?

A specialized form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, group therapy helps participants learn strategies for recovery in a supportive, integrated setting. In sessions, participants discuss a variety of topics related to substance abuse and mental health. They learn about relapse prevention and healthy living, the signs and symptoms of addiction, and the stages of recovery. They learn how to set helpful boundaries and develop a healthy sense of self-esteem. Above all, they become more aware of their own emotional needs and their responsibilities to others.

How Group Therapy Works

In each of our group therapy sessions, counsellors help participants learn valuable lessons about the science of addiction and symptom management strategies. Our counsellors lead discussions about emotional wellness, healthy coping, and respect for boundaries.

Beyond its value as a teaching tool, group therapy also provides the perfect environment to build trust and transparency in personal relationships. Participants construct appropriate boundaries around their lives, managing their emotions and expressing their opinions in a constructive way, and in doing so show their respect for others. By cultivating this appreciation for each other, participants also gain new confidence in themselves.

At Safe Haven Beverly Hills, we utilize a wide range of group therapies, including:

Morning reflections

Small group discussions

Shared educational opportunities

Processing groups


No matter the form or size, all sessions are conducted under the guidance of a skilled, licensed therapist with experience in leading small groups. They are focused on helping each participant learn more about themselves and the ways they can positively, productively interact with the people in their lives.

Find Out More

Over the past few decades, group therapy has earned a reputation as one of the most effective and long-lasting addiction treatments. Participants emerge from their recovery programs better able to manage withdrawal symptoms, avoid relapses, and maintain thriving relationships. The community created in these sessions doesn’t stop when you leave treatment—it stays with you for the rest of your recovery journey. If you’d like to learn more about the role that group therapy plays at Safe Haven Beverly Hills, call us today.