Family And Significant Other Therapy

Isolation from friends and family is often one of the most devastating impacts of a drug or alcohol addiction. At Safe Haven Beverly Hills, we use family and significant other therapy as an essential element of each resident’s treatment plan. Research has repeatedly shown that support from loved ones can reduce relapse rates and lead to a healthier recovery process. Our restorative family therapy program invites everyone who plays an important role in your life to take part in your recovery journey. Through discussions, psycho-educational programs, and professional counselling sessions, we help you reconnect with the ones you love the most.

Who Is Family and Significant Other Therapy For?

Family and significant other therapy isn’t just for families! It’s an open, secure environment for everyone who has been affected by addiction to share about any aspect of their life. Parents, children, siblings, significant others, and friends are all invited to participate in the recovery process.

We understand that addiction can destroy entire families and damage the closest of relationships. Sometimes, enabling or inappropriate actions from loved ones can even contribute to negative behaviors. Above all, the loneliness that results from broken relationships can keep people trapped in the cycle of addiction.

Our counsellors aim to intervene in every aspect of this difficult situation, deconstructing the barriers between people and encouraging each participant to rebuild the connections that bring them hope and meaning to their lives.

What Are The Benefits of Family and Significant Other Therapy?

In a family and significant other therapy session, each participant learns to evaluate the ways that substance abuse has damaged their relationships, disrupted communication, and eroded the trust between them. Everyone is invited to speak frankly yet sensitively about their observations and fears, and their loved ones are encouraged to support them as they share.

At Safe Haven Beverly Hills, we use discussion, educational programs, and one-on-one sessions to replace enabling or codependent relationships with respectful communication. In our sessions, participants learn how to:

  • Facilitate honest and supportive communication between
  • Avoid negative or codependent relationship patterns
  • Intervene when others are not caring for their own physical, emotional, or mental needs
  • Talk honestly about their emotions without fear of punishment or hostility
  • Share about the ways that addiction has negatively impacted their lives

Together, participants also learn the science behind addiction in order to support and inform each other during the recovery process. If deep emotional wounds have divided the family, our therapists are trained to analyze the situation and provide further counselling to address trauma caused by addiction. At Safe Haven Beverly Hills, our goal is to create an atmosphere where everyone can determine how to keep themselves healthy while maintaining strong bonds with their loved ones.

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At Safe Haven Beverly Hills, our ultimate goal is to help families deal with the past, thrive in the present, and embrace a better future. If you’d like to find out more about our range of family and significant other therapy programs, please call and speak to one of our licensed counsellors.