Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a therapeutic method used to treat substance abuse and other conditions. This therapeutic treatment helps patients to recognize the negative thoughts that occur when they are faced with challenging, stressful situations. Once patients learn to identify these negative thoughts, they are taught how to develop positive thought patterns and deal with difficult situations in a productive way.

This therapeutic method seeks to change the patient’s pattern of thinking. At the end of their treatment, patients will independently avoid destructive behaviors, manage their negative thoughts, and build new self-confidence and self-esteem.

The Science Behind Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

All of us develop negative thought processes during childhood. When our minds develop these negative thoughts, we generate certain habits to cope with them. These habits grow to dictate what we do and say as adults, which in turn determines how we feel about ourselves. Most adults aren’t even aware of this vicious cycle. The goal of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is to help patients recognize these negative thoughts and patterns, break free from them, and develop better patterns of thinking.

Cognitive Behavioral  Therapy at Safe Haven Beverly Hills

Safe Haven Beverly Hills uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help patients develop positive self-esteem, reduce negative thinking, and build a more positive outlook on life. We also help our patients improve familial relationships and understand how their thinking drives and shapes their behaviors.

Safe Haven offers patients a highly individualized program. In one-on-one sessions, our clinical therapists tailor their approach to the patient’s unique needs, helping them to recognize their personal negative thinking and behaviors, avoid destructive patterns, and reshape their actions.

In addition to one-on-one therapy, Safe Haven uses other therapeutic programs, such as group therapy and family and significant other therapy, to help patients develop productive habits. Our patients complete enrichment activities outside of their sessions and learn practical strategies to help them manage triggers and stress long after they’ve left our recovery program. Patients will develop positive lifestyle habits and learn how to use those habits beyond the program.

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